The Importance of Digital Marketing

When a business firsts opens, its main goal is gaining customers. They may take the more traditional route by hosting grand openings, offering special deals or sales to start building their customer base. All of these options and more can be done digitally, usually boosting better results. Let’s talk about the benefits and importance of Digital Marketing.

  1. 1. Welcome to the Global Marketplace

In this day and age everyone is online and platforms like Google make it easy to reach the audience you need, all over the world. Lets say you started an apparel company, you can tell Google to show your ad to anyone that searches shirt and pants. If you’re business is looking to raise awareness on a brand new campaign video, you can tell Facebook to show it to people who like to watch and share videos. Digital Marketing gives smaller businesses the opportunity to reach the same amount of potential customers as big corporations.

2. Word of Mouth is Still Gold!

Not only are new customers online, your loyal customers are also online and happy customers love to share positive experiences online, consider it the modern day word of mouth. These positive ratings, business check-ins and tagged posts are gold to any business and are way easier to get than testimonials. When your ad is found by a potential customer, other peoples experiences helps them decide whether to utilize your business.   

3. Giving Your Competition the Advantage

If your business is not using digitally marketing but your competitors are, you are giving them access to your potential customers. While competitor marketing is frowned upon by digital marketing, not claiming your website or keywords leaves them to potentially be used by other businesses.

4. Personalization is Easy!

Some would think digital marketing lacks the personal touch of catering each pitch to each customer but they couldn’t be more wrong. Dynamic Ads give you the ability to enter numerous titles, descriptions, links and imagery so it can cater each ad to the persons previous search history. It sounds advanced but it’s really easy to set up and the Return of Investment is always worth it. 

Now that you know the benefits of digital marketing, get online and give it a shot! Platforms like Google and Facebook have built blogs and courses aiming at making it easier for small businesses to thrive in the digital world. Below are some digital resources to get you started.

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