How to Market Responsibly during COVID-19

Anyone that says they know exactly how to market during a global pandemic isn’t being truthful. The last pandemic was almost a decade ago when social media definitely wasn’t what it is today. While no one has all the answers there have been noticeable trends for businesses operating well during this time.

Find Your New Objective

Your new marketing objective becomes how your business can help during this time. This can present itself in many different ways, you just have to be creative. Questions you should ask yourself are does your business offer an essential service? Does your business help in making working from home or social distancing easier? Figuring out what you have to offer, like free language learning for students while schools are closed, will help you find that objective.

Source: Rosetta Stone

Adapt Your Marketing Campaigns

People are at home, market accordingly. Maybe highlighting loungewear, promoting home goods. Tutorials and indoor activities are also appropriate for the time. If none of that fits, how can you thank essential workers and bring positivity to people that can’t leave their homes?

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Be Empathetic

Your customers could be dealing with being on the front line or having sick loved ones. Keep that in mind and show them that you understand by toning down your brand voice. A business that shows that they are people too going through this just like everyone else will be remembered when this pandemic is behind us.

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Be Personable

The world we now live in changes daily. Do your best to keep your customers informed and up to date on but also show them your faces. This is the perfect time to run campaigns on your employees and your customers.

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No matter what you decide to do with your marketing plan just remember, your consumers are people just like you. What would you like to see from businesses you engage with during this time?

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