How to Create the Perfect Print

The quality of the product you design depends a lot on the quality of the pattern you create. We’ve gotten a lot of questions lately regarding designing within Creator Studio and we’ve come up with a list of tips to ensure that you get the best pattern, every time.

  1. Stay Inside the Safe Print Area

Please keep all design elements (graphics & text) within the red dashed lines. If not within this area, you may risk it not appearing in the final product once sewn.

2. Use Full-Bleed Images

For all-over print, please use full-bleed images that span across each end of the pattern. If your all-over print design does not span across, the space left will show the actual fabric.

3. Make Sure Your Image Has A High Enough DPI

Design files need to be at least 144 DPI with the required resolution on our artwork guidelines. Please do not enlarge it manually as print quality can be poor.

4. Remove White Backgrounds

For best print quality, please use transparent PNG files as we do not remove backgrounds.

5. Avoid Shadow Files in DTG Printing

When designing products with DTG printing, please avoid using shadow design files as it does not look like a shadow once printed.

6. Use an RGB Color Scale

Due to different materials and print methods, we cannot guarantee color exactly printed as it does on your screen BUT uploading an sRGB file ensures products are printed as you expect. We also suggest ordering a sample to see what the product looks like before selling to your customers.

Other Tips and Tricks

7. Printing on Flyknit material

Due to breathable material of shoe, there are small holes which can affect printing. We recommend light color prints only to blend with white raw material. For dark prints, designing on a canvas shoe may be a better option.

8. Changing the Background Color of Your Product

If you would like a different color background of your product instead of white, simply create a design file with the color of your choice. You can then add your design elements after.

9. Product Branding

Investing in branding products can result in positive brand perception, which can lead to chain reaction of events – positive word of mouth, more customers, and more opportunities to scale your dropshipping business! If you would like to have your branding on your finished product, go to your settings and upload your logo. 

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