How to Create Custom Merch: A Step-By-Step Guide to Creator Studio

With our Creator Studio design tool, we make it easy for you to create and sell customized merch and make profit, while we take care of the rest. This guide will show you step-by-step how to upload your design, set your profit margins, apply custom branding (if applicable), and add your products to your Kin Custom store or to your other sales channels, such as Etsy, Shopify, BigCommerce, and WooCommerce.

How to Create and Sell Merch on Creator Studio [VIDEO TUTORIAL]

1. Create a free Kin Custom account

Our platform is completely free to use. Simply click Sign Upon the homepage. Then, enter your name, email address, and password, or create an account with your Facebook login info. Be sure to verify your email before you continue.

kin custom account sign up page that says print & dropship made easy with your trusted fulfillment partner

2. Select ‘Create’

You have the option to either create a design or shop for products. If you’re looking to create, select ‘Create.’

landing page that says create start designing now and shop find something you love

3. Upload Your Designs

Choose from our selection of default prints or upload your own by selecting ‘Upload.’

Please make sure that your design or pattern file size does not exceed 100 MB. For best results, keep your image resolutions between 144 and 300 dpi. We accept .jpg, .jpeg, .png, and .bmp files.

4. Select the Product You Want to Create

Choose from our curated product selection the products you want to create.

product selection of yellow clothes

5. Start Designing!

Begin designing your custom product and edit until you’re happy with how it looks.


  • Use the text editor for word graphics and phrases. Select the font, color, and size that fits your needs.
  • Select the Mockup tab to see what your finished product will look like on a real person.
  • Head over to the Product Info tab to learn more about the make and quality of the product, its size and fit, care instructions, and print method (i.e. direct-to-garment, sublimation, or UV).
  • For best results, we recommend you design within the ‘Safe Print Area’ to make sure that your design will appear on the final product.
design tool where you can create your own product
design tool person mockup

When you’re finished, click Next.

6. Give your design a name

When you’re finished designing, you can name your design, choose a tag category (e.g. streetwear, pop art, kids etc.), and write a brief description about your art. Make it short, brief, and powerful. Tell us what makes your artwork meaningful.

yellow and black plaid square

Click Next. 

7. Enter Your Profit Markup

Once you’ve designed your product and named it, enter your desired profit margin percentage. When a customer places an order, you pay the base price and then make the profit you set in Creator Studio. Here’s how it works:

profit margin chart with girl on it and yellow call-to-action button
profit margin

8. Start Selling!

When you’re finished, you can either add more products or start selling. If you want to start selling, you will be redirected to this landing page, where you can review your design and profit details, order a sample product or get it in bulk, and add your product to your Kin Custom shop or connect to your sales channel.

Note: To start selling your custom products on your sales channel, you’ll have to first integrate with our API. For instructions on how to do this, visit our guide on API & Integration. Or, check out our video series below on API & Integration.

created merch review details page

API & Integration Video Tutorial

How to integrate with Shopify

How to integrate with WooCommerce

How to integrate with BigCommerce

How to integrate with Squarespace

Bonus: Add your very own custom brand logo

You also have the option of adding your very own brand logo to your products. To upload your custom branding logo,

  1. Go to ‘Settings’
  2. Select ‘Custom Branding’
  3. Check ‘Yes, I would like to use Kin Custom custom branding service and have my logo on the following premium branding options only $1.99 (per product, applied at checkout)’ 
  4. Enter your brand name.
  5. Click ‘Upload’ to upload your logo. File sizes must be at least 1,000 x 1,000 px.
  6. See what your logo will look like on all of our custom branding sets.
  7. Click ‘Submit’

Your logo will now be featured on every product you create and the $1.99 fee will automatically be applied at the checkout.

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